At Lynch Carpet, we take great pride in the value of our services and quality of our installations.


Installation Checklist


Job site temperature should be between 65-75 degrees.


If customer is not on or leaves job site,  a contact phone number must be left behind.


Please leave room in driveway for installers to park.


Have a work area that the installer can cut or store material cleared out.


Remove any flooring unless we have be contracted to do so.


Remove all appliances or furniture prior to our arrival unless we have been contracted to do so.


If we are going over the top of an existing floor please clean floor prior to our arrival.


If we are installing a bathroom floor, please clean toilet and surrounding area.


Remove all valuables from the furniture and walls prior to our arrival.


Closet and pantry floors must be cleared.  Please allow a 3’ clearance from floor to any items.


Upon completion we will walk through job and answer any question you may have.


All balances of invoice are due upon time of installation.


What to expect from your installation?

At Lynch carpet, we educate our customers about choosing to correct product and application for their homes.   Our goal is to eliminate any surprises. Here are a few steps you can take to insure we meet your expectations.

For best results, please have your painting or staining done 5-7 days before installation.  Lynch Carpet provides the best installers and will be extra careful not scratch or scuff any walls or baseboard, but because of tools required to installed, touch ups should be expected.

Please be aware that not all seams are completely invisible.  The material texture, color, and lighting in the room may affect the visibility of the seam.  You will be advised about the visibility of your seam  at the time of your selection and time of your measurement.

Lynch Carpet will check toilets, shut off valves, and water lines prior to all installations.  However, there may be an unforeseen plumbing situation that requires a professional plumber.

All computers and electronics should be disconnected before installer arrive.  Lynch Carpet is not reponsible for connecting any home electronics.

Lynch Carpet does not provide the service of trimming doors, but can recommend a professional for this service.

Our installers at Lynch Carpet are like family, and all take personal pride in their work.  We will do our best to make your shopping experience at Lynch Carpet enjoyable.